From Silicon Valley Startup to Industry Leader

Celebrating 23 years as the world's #1 STEM educator

About iD Tech

In 1999, our family pioneered the very first tech camps for kids and teens. We’ve since grown from 280 to 50,000 students per year, spreading our Silicon Valley startup culture around the world and online. No other program has our track record of long-term student success, our passion, or our reputation as the world's go-to summer STEM educator.

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Our mission is to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future.

Did you know...

“In the beginning, we worked 7 days a week. We earned no salaries. We had no financing. But we believed in the idea of awesome technology education. 23 years later, we’re the largest, most trusted tech program in the world.”

Center: Kathryn and Alexa Ingram-Cauchi (mother and daughter co-founders) with Pete Ingram-Cauchi (CEO)

Left center: Our original Silicon Valley office in 1999, in a studio above a garage

A Purpose-Driven Company

Girls in STEM

Six years ago, just 12% of our campers were female. Today, over 50,000 girls have graduated from our camps and academies, empowered with the skills and confidence they need to become leaders in STEM and beyond.

Millions of STEM Jobs

There are currently millions of unfilled STEM jobs in the US, and the number will increase every year. Our long-term learning system equips kids and teens with skills for the most exciting, in-demand careers.

Student Scholarships

This year, we will offer more scholarships than ever before to students from underserved communities. Every child deserves access to quality tech education, regardless of socioeconomic background. Our goal is to help bridge the digital divide.


Tech Rockstar Instructors

Camps with character!

That Director with the green mohawk? He’s a game design guru from EA. The Lead Instructor with the superhero cape? She’s a software engineering undergrad at Caltech. Our selective hiring practices and in-person trainings deliver the most talented, passionate instructors—with the personalities to match.

Online Jobs

Dedicated Year-Round Team

Never “just another day at the office.”

From our Education Department, Client Services, and Marketing, to Engineering, Risk Management, Payroll, and Logistics, our Main Office crew is committed to providing “Positively Outrageous Service.”

We work out in the open amidst brightly colored walls and creative décor and unwind with ping pong, Mario Kart, trips to the cereal bar, and generous PTO. On birthdays, we go BIG with personalized desk decorating sprees and celebratory lunch outings. Because “normal” is overrated.


Our experience, mission, people, and culture have made us the top summer STEM educator on the planet.

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