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  • What is a Hackathon? Examples, Benefits & Opportunities.

    When we hear the words “hack” or “hacker,” what meaning comes to mind? Probably a slew of conflicting images. Hack, like “life hack”: faster, more streamlined ways of accomplishing daily tasks. You …

  • Ultimate List of Coding Terminology & Definitions for Beginners

    Before we jump into the coding terminology, think back to when you were learning how to drive. (Unrelated, seemingly, but stick with me.) The basic instruction on how to operate a vehicle …

  • What is \n in Python & How to Print New Lines

    \n Definition for Python In Python, \n is a type of escape character that will create a new line when used. There are a few other escape sequences, which are simple ways to change how certain …

  • What Does "elif" Mean in Python?

    In Python, elif is short for "else if" and is used when the first if statement isn't true, but you want to check for another condition. Meaning, if statements pair up with elif and else statements to …

  • What Does * (Asterisk) Mean in C++ Programming?

    An asterisk is used in C++ to declare a pointer. Pointers allow you to refer directly to values in memory, and allow you to modify elements that would otherwise only be copied. You could change …

  • 20 Tech Terms Everyone Should Know

    In a world driven by technology, it can seem like the future speaks a new language! And as STEM becomes more and more sophisticated and omnipresent in daily life, it’s important to keep up with the …

  • What does animating on ones, twos, and threes mean?

    The default timing of 2D animation is 24 frames per second. This means that there would be 24 individual drawings for every second’s worth of animation. Frames, in general animation context, …

  • What is game space?

    Game space is the world in which games take place. This game space includes colors, sounds, and barriers, which all help determine the events that take place, what a player sees, and how they …

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