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Not only is Python one of the most versatile coding languages out there, it can give programmers a leg up into today’s fastest-growing STEM jobs and top universities. Surprisingly, even though demand for STEM jobs is growing at a higher rate than any other field, the typical K-12 curriculum remains unlikely to sufficiently prepare students.

Today, universities consistently rank STEM majors among those most likely to translate to high-paying careers. And yet, less than half of high schools in the US offer computer science classes.  

So, it's time to fill the gaps by zeroing in on one of the most vital skills for the next generation of programmers and engineers: Python coding. 

Practice Python with these 9 websites

Enough said? These websites and resources will help launch kids and teens into Python thanks to engaging interfaces, helpful tutorials, practice exercises, and more!

python coding options on

You've undoubtedly heard the statement more than once—all kids should learn to code. And if you've taken it upon yourself to do related opportunity digging, you’ve probably also heard of, which is a nonprofit dedicated to “expanding access to computer science in schools…”

One of the ways this learning platform goes about that is through an online course catalog that offers kids the chance to learn how to make their own apps, or dive deep into coding languages like Python.

And again, progression and advancement is the name of the game. Students ages 5-8 can start with "an introduction to computer science for pre-readers" before moving on to a Python course crafted for older ages and features things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. 

A consistent favorite of this blog, it’s hard to go wrong with And learning Python is no exception! 

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coding bat python practice example

CodingBat is a valuable starting point for learning how to code in Python (not to mention being a great website to practice Java online as well). It provides definitions of key terms, quick warmups and other helpful resources that can have kids soon programming like an expert. 

The combination of coding prompts, live coding input, and real-time solution checking can get kids going, keep them engaged, and provide a level of explanation needed to build their Python skills.  

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Practice Python

There's no debating what this site is about! With beginner Python exercises and what looks to be an active comment section for questions and answers, Practice Python appears to be a valuable learning destination. 

As the site's about section explains, "The blog is roughly monthly, with an exercise that comes out one week and a solution for that exercise that comes out the next week."

This is in addition to the 40 exercises already on the site!

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PYnative Online Python Editor

While some kids will need a bit more of an introductory approach before diving into Python, others might be further along and have a great idea of what they want to accomplish.

PYnative is definitely geared toward the latter, offering a workspace for learners to write their Python code and then execute in real time. From there, voila, the result and output are shown on screen. 

In addition to the code editor, PYnative offers exercises, quizzes, and more!

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Online Private Lessons

With something like iD Tech’s Online Private Lessons, kids learn through tailored 1-on-1 lessons from iD certified instructors. Yes, 1-on-1, "live" learning from real people. These are tech rockstars and top talent from elite universities who are equipped to help transform your child's interests into a potential tech career. Sessions are available year-round and can be booked according to your schedule.

With the Python coding language being used to build everything from exciting arcade-style games to advanced machine learning algorithms and models, Online Private Lessons are excellent options for beginners and experienced programmers alike! 

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Project Euler

Follow any of these Euler coding challenges, which are math problems designed to be solved by computers and are good practice for thinking like a computer.

While not as Python-focused as the options presented above, it's still a great resource to "learn new concepts in a fun and recreational context."

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Get started with Python

Python is so in demand it reigns as the #1 most searched coding language for coding tutorials and the 2nd most high-paid language across STEM industries. This is hardly surprising, as it is widely acknowledged as the best language for testing software and implementing data science analyses.  

And since 546,200 coding jobs are projected to be added by 2028, there’s no doubt that it will come in handy! Looking for something a little more competitive? Check out our list of Python coding games!

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