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While Python coding can be used to create many amazing things like games, games themselves are actually some of the most engaging and motivating ways for kids to learn how to code with Python. 

In fact, video games are good for a variety of reasons, and learning/education is one big piece of that argument—with different parts of the brain positively impacted by video games.

Not to mention that video games are fun, right?

That fun of course feeds into engagement, and when kids are engaged and want to play games more and more, they might also be exposing their brains to learning without even knowing it. 

Python Coding Games

So - back to Python - here is a list of games and apps kids might want to check out in order to have a chance at grabbing at least some of the many benefits of Python, while experiencing what makes games special at the same time. 

Code Combat

Code Combat offers just what we are looking for here—game-based learning where students can build skills while questing along a gamified adventure.

In addition, though, text-based learning is also used to get beginners interested in - and moving ahead - with Python (and other kids coding languages) in "human, beginner-friendly terms."

Levels, challenges, and everything else that makes games fun and special help young coders learn but also put their Python coding skills to the test.  


Along the same lines, CheckiO offers coders the chance to not only learn, but to solve "engaging challenges and fun tasks using Python."

When starting a new game, kids can choose from easy, normal, and advanced difficulty settings, and can even jump right in without having to register or create an account (that is, if you're OK with your student not being able to save their progress). 

CheckiO also offers a forum where users can collaborate and ask questions, if needed. 

Codesters Basketball

As kids create their own custom basketball game, they’ll learn the basics of Python! With Codesters Basketball, players create sprites, scoreboards, and more in an interactive, free platform. 

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It’s a self-directed tutorial-style game, and it takes about one hour to complete a game. Once complete, the game is ready to play and share with friends. (Recommended for grades 6 and up.)


Perfect for teens, CodinGame is a platform that allows users to game, create, and learn Python skills all at the same time. The site offers coding challenges for programmers of all experience levels.  

Select from a wide variety of topics in Python, Ruby, and other programming languages, and enjoy a gamified learning experience that’s so much fun, teens might forget they’re building valuable skills!


Players level up with ranks and badges as they explore the different games Codewars has to offer. As they advance, users will have more options in terms of what they can play and learn. 

Create Your Own PSA

This Python game offers a change of pace that some kids will appreciate. All kids have something they’re passionate about, and in this interactive PSA game, they can code to spread the word about something important!

Players can pick a cause like protecting animals, conserving the environment, or preventing bullying, and use Python to code sprites and animations to illustrate their ideas.

Learn Python, the fun way!

There are plenty of high-quality free Python coding platforms available to kids at any level of programming experience. By exploring these resources at their own pace and in a fun, gamified format, learning becomes a fun challenge! 

We also know that sometimes it takes a supportive coach to help dive in, which is why iD Tech offers both online private tutoring in Python, and Python coding summer camps!

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