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Kids and teens can learn to code online from home with live tutoring and instruction. From Python tutoring to online Java lessons and other programming languages, courses are led by rockstar instructors, with curriculum that's tailored to each child's unique interests, skill level, and goals.

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Why coding tutoring?

Education is rapidly evolving, with many families now looking online to either supplement traditional schooling or to allow their kids and teens to dive into something new, exciting, and relevant to today's competitive landscape. Private coding tutoring gives students a much-needed outlet to connect, 1-on-1, with expert instructors who can personalize lessons for max engagement and understanding. 

10 Programming Lessons for Kids & Teens

Choose from the online tutoring lessons listed below, or, customize your own learning pack.

C++ Tutoring
Ages 10-19, Beginner–Advanced

C# Tutoring
Ages 10-19, Beginner–Advanced

Computer Science Tutoring
Ages 10-19, Beginner–Advanced

Online Java Tutoring
Ages 10-19, Beginner–Advanced

JavaScript Tutoring
Ages 10-19, Beginner–Advanced

Lua & Roblox Tutoring
Ages 7-19, Beginner–Advanced

Online Python Tutoring
Ages 7-19, Beginner–Advanced

Scratch Tutoring
Ages 7-19, Beginner–Advanced

HTML Lessons
Ages 7-19, Beginner–Advanced

Custom Lessons vs. Themed Packs

With Online Private Lessons, students can choose from any of our coding-specific tutoring packs, or they can customize their own curriculum. If they choose the latter, our instructors are experts at customizing lessons to fit students' unique interests, skill levels, and learning needs. From football to karate, our tutors are able to connect existing interests to topics like Java coding, computer programming, data science, and more in order to enhance engagement and positive outcomes. 

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Parent Testimonials

"My 12-year-old loves his Minecraft modding lessons with Instructor Frank. The lessons are fun and he learns a lot. Flexibility is such an asset for us too. We'll be making this a regular part of his life from now on!" -Anthony H.

"Ash taught my two kids a five lesson series on Roblox. He was very helpful, patient and encouraging. My kids learned a lot and loved it! We purchased even more private lessons to continue lessons with Ash." -Megan I.

"Instructor Jay has been fantastic. He is working with my 11-year-old son and has been engaging and fun. His lessons are the perfect pace and my son has greatly increased his understanding of coding." -Greg G.

“My 10-year-old grandson just had a great first lesson, learning with Minecraft to apply the coordinate system. He is looking forward, with relish, to his next lesson with Mr. Clark. Many thanks for such a great introductory experience!” -Jean R.

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How is private online tutoring different than in-person?

An online tutoring session mirrors much of what unfolds with in-person tutoring sessions. In fact, online, or "virtual" tutoring allows for more convenience in terms of scheduling logistics, and might allow parents to more easily find a tutor who specializes in a specific topic, like programming, or something even more specialized like Python coding or JavaScript. 


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