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Kids and teens can get math help and learn online from the comfort of home with live tutoring and instruction. From pre-algebra tutoring to geometry, calculus, and more!

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Why private math tutoring?

Private tutoring is now needed more than ever. With uncertainty surrounding the elementary through high school experience - in terms of in-person vs. online learning, the way subject matter is communicated and worked on, and more - more parents could be seeking alternative and additional learning opportunities. 

Allowing students to learn outside of the classroom gives them the opportunity to focus on specific subject matter, which is one of the main benefits of one-on-one tutoring. But there is more—for some, just providing a different learning experience might help topics "stick" better. 

Custom Lessons vs. Themed Packs

With Online Private Lessons, students can choose from any of our math-specific tutoring packs, or they can customize their own curriculum. If they choose the latter, our instructors are experts in customizing lessons to fit your child's unique interests, skill levels, and learning needs. From football to karate, our tutors are able to connect student interests to math topics in order to enhance fun, engagement, and positive outcomes. 

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Class Testimonials

"My 10-year-old is loving his lessons. Instructor Loren has a great ability to keep my son engaged, entertained, and learning for the entire lesson. We are very happy with all of it! -Anthony P.

"My instructors helped me understand in a super fun way! I would love to do this again." -Aayan S.

"Instructor Jay has been fantastic. He is working with my 11-year-old son and has been engaging and fun. His lessons are the perfect pace and my son has greatly increased his understanding of coding." -Greg G.

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How is online tutoring different than in-person tutoring?

Really, the online private math tutoring session mirrors a lot of what unfolds with in-person tutoring sessions. In fact, online, or "virtual" tutoring allows for more convenience in terms of scheduling logistics, and might allow middle and high school parents to more easily find a tutor who specializes in a specific topic, like:

Pre-Algebra: Fractions, decimals, and variables; ratios and inequalities
Algebra I: Rational and irrational numbers; quadratic equations and functions
Algebra II: Polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions; quadratic functions
Geometry: Mathematics of shapes like circles, squares, and triangles; proofs and transformations
Pre-Calculus: Functions and graphs; polynomials and rational functions; exponential and logarithmic functions
Calculus: Continuous change; derivatives and integrals; limits and infinite series


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